Which wrist should you wear your gemstone bracelets on?

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I didn’t realize there was a difference I how the bracelets were worn until I heard someone make a comment on an Instagram live that there were, and it intrigued me. So, I went on a quest to learn more. I’ve done a lot of reading on the topic and am now sharing with you, in case you were also curious!

The big question...which wrist should you wear your bracelets on? The quick answer is it depends on your intentions! Whether you want to absorb the energies internally or emit the energy externally and protect yourself from negative energies. Your left hand is your receiving hand (yin) and your right is the giving hand (yang).

Let’s start with the left “receiving” hand. Wearing your crystals on your left hand allows you to absorb the energies from that crystal into your aura. This is especially effective for any internal work – for example, wearing rose quartz on your left hand to receive and attract the loving energy of this stone. Another example is wearing amethyst to help reduce emotional stress.

The left side is the more sensitive, allowing the crystals energy to support internal changes and infuse the chakras associated with that crystal’s energy.

I also read that if you wear your cleansed crystals on your left hand while you’re asleep, this will help to really receive the energy of that stone because you’re more receptive at night. The important thing is to ensure the crystals are cleansed. 

The best gemstones to wear on your left are calming, relaxing stones as well as those that support emotions and attract new relationships. Examples of these stones are rose quartz, amethyst, labradorite, pink tourmaline, amazonite, morganite and malachite, among others.

Ok, now onto the right hand. The right hand is the “giving” hand – when wearing your bracelets on your right hand, you are releasing energy out externally, portraying to others how you wish to be portrayed.  For example, if you want to help provide a more calming environment for those around you, wear amethyst on your right wrist. And when you want to project your energy out, wear a boosting crystal such as tiger's eye or black onyx on your right hand. 

Wearing your bracelets on your right wrist will also aid in protecting yourself from receiving negative energy and support in increasing communication and speech. It also helps in releasing negative energies and emotions being held internally and letting them go. Wearing cleansing crystals like clear quartz are best worn on the right hand for this reason. 

Your right hand is also your active, manifesting hand which helps align your chakras and manifest your intentions. 

The best gemstones to wear on your right wrist are black onyx, black obsidian, black tourmaline, amethyst, lapis lazuli, clear quartz, tiger's eye and lava stone, among others.

Some crystals can be worn on both the left and right wrists - be sure to review the healing properties to help guide you and always cleanse your bracelet before switching wrists.  It's also recommended that you try the bracelet on one side first to see how you feel - switching after a few days or swapping the gemstones on the same wrist. 

You can also wear multiple gemstone bracelets with balancing energies on both wrists to get the best energetic benefits to help support your desired outcome. 

I hope this was helpful to you!

Tell me...which wrist will you be wearing your gemstone bracelets on?


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