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Have you heard the term "diffuser jewelry" and didn't know what it meant? Well then keep reading! 

Diffuser jewelry is jewelry that allows you to add your favourite essential oils to a stone or bead which holds the scent, acting like your very own body diffuser.  This can be in the form of a bracelet or necklace and is great for so many reasons, which I'll get into later down in this post. But first, let's get into the variety of beads which can be used for diffuser jewelry.

What makes a diffuser bracelet? 

Certain stones and other materials will allow essential oils to absorb into the stone/material and therefore will hold the scent of the oils for some time.  A porous stone such as lava rock stones, raw wood beads and leather/faux leather materials are examples of a few.

The most commonly used stone is the lava rock stone.  A light-weight, rough-looking stone, available in many colours, although most commonly seen in black.  Smooth lava rocks absorb essential oils quickly and hold the scent for a few days, where waxed/natural lava stone take longer to absorb the oils and hold the scent longer (up to a week). 

You should also know these stones/materials used to diffuse essential oils will not stain or alter their colour as a result of adding essential oils.

You can find diffuser jewelry made with all of one material/stone or, like ours, mixed together with other gemstones to give the jewelry added colour, texture and added healing properties when joined together. For more information on stone meanings and healing properties, click here.  

I've linked my bracelet collection below, if you'd like to begin creating your very own diffuser stack!

How to add oils to your beads/jewelry:

You can use a roller bottle of blended essential oils or non-diluted essential oils to add oils to your bracelets/jewelry.  Simply chose your favourite blend, add a drop or roll on a little bit of the oil to the porous material and rub it in gently to encourage the oil to absorb. That's it! Now you can enjoy the benefits of the essential oils as you go on with your day.

The length of time the oils last on the material depends on the oil as well as the material - as noted above, some stones absorb the scent for longer periods of time and oils which are already dilute tend to fade faster off the stone. Once the scent has faded, you can add more of the same or different oils to the stones.

One tip is to create a custom diffuser bracelet stack and add a different oil to each bracelet to create your favourite diffusing blend of oils right on your wrist. 



Stay tuned for my next post, where I will share some of my favourite diffuser blends - some of which would work perfectly on a diffuser bracelet stack. In the meantime, feel free to check out the current selection of essential oil roller blends and bracelet/roller bottle bundles on my website.

Click on the image to be directed to our essential oil roller bottle selection.

I hope this was useful information and you'll be on your way to diffusing your favourite oils on your bracelet stacks! 


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