Anxiety Mommy and Me Set

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When my kids started school, the one thing that helped them with their anxious feels was having a bracelet that I made for them on their wrists throughout the day. 

I’ve created these mini and me sets to help with little ones who are nervous about going to kindergarten or starting in grade 1 or going to a new school altogether. 

The sets come in 3 different stone options:

- Howlite and Hematite: howlite being a calming stone and Hematite which helps relieve anxious feelings 

- Quartz and Hematite: rose quartz being a heart of the stone, helps ease anger and frustration along with Hematite which helps relieve feelings of anxiety 

- Onyx and Hematite: onyx is a stone of strength and happiness pairs well with Hematite which helps relieve feelings of anxiety 

These bracelets are paired with an essential oil roller bottle which will help support any feelings of anxiety. The oils used are balance, cedar wood, bergamot, wild orange and topped with fractionated coconut oil.  

Also included is a poem which you can use when gifting to your child. 

Sizes: 7” and 6”

Stone size: 8mm 

If you require a different size or would like a different stone, please let us know. 



There may be some variation in the colouration of the natural stones, so your bracelet may not be exactly as the picture.  

I do my best to ensure the photos posted of the bracelets are as accurate as possible, but all computer screens are different and some colours may appear slightly different on screen. 


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